Our Story

Green Grazer goats is a small farming operation centrally located to be accessible to service Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our goats are our most important asset. Part of our core values is a belief that all creatures have a purpose. To date, we have rescued ¾ of our herd from livestock auctions where they would have been sold off for meat products. The other ¼ were purchased from people seeking a home for their unwanted pets. We have acquired these goats and given them a new purpose.

Controlled Goat Grazing


The versatility of goats as a sustainable agricultural asset has been well documented for centuries. However, using goats in the role of eco-friendly, all natural, land clearing machines is a fairly new concept that is catching on across the nation as our population becomes more environmentally conscious. Taking into consideration that goats can go where heavy equipment can not, are more economical than human labor and leave a much smaller carbon footprint, goats are an ideal choice for noxious weed and vegetation control. Controlled goat grazing is beneficial to homeowners, farmers, municipalities, golf courses, public land management companies, and school systems. Giving them a green alternative to chemical applications.

Why Goats?
VS. Landscaping, Herbicides, & Machinery
  • Cost on average $1500 less per acre.
  • Seeds are not viable after excretion.
  • Low noise pollution.
  • Non-toxic
  • Small carbon footprint.
  • Restore and stabilize soil.